NEWS EDITION: Global Wine Glut Compounds Headaches For Struggling California Vineyards

"Times are getting increasingly tough for many of California's wine grape growers. Wine-souring smoke from wildfires, grape-shriveling drought and global warming have all been playing an increasingly detrimental role in state vineyards for at least the last decade."

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Global wine glut compounds headaches for struggling California vineyards

“Times are getting increasingly tough for many of California’s wine grape growers. Wine-souring smoke from wildfires, grape-shriveling drought and global warming have all been playing an increasingly detrimental role in state vineyards for at least the last decade. But those aren’t the only headaches. More recently, a tectonic shift in generational drinking habits has led to a global glut of wine.”

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Colorado bill would limit hard liquor sales to liquor stores

“Should hard liquor and spirits only be sold at liquor stores? That’s what one bill at the Colorado Capitol is proposing, among other things, in an effort to help alcohol retailers. Some opponents said the proposal would reverse current law and go against ballot initiatives voters passed to get beer and wine on Colorado shelves in recent years. Sponsors of the bill say liquor is too easily available, and the accessibility is putting a burden on small businesses.”


Is wine the ‘2024 cigarette’? Younger generations say all alcohol is ‘literally poison’

“Wine’s millennial problem might be worse than initially believed. In response to reports of a global decline in wine consumption, sommelier and social media influencer Warner Boin posted a video to her TikTok page asking her followers, consisting largely of millennials and Generation Z, to explain why they aren’t drinking wine. The response – 1.6 million views and nearly 35,000 comments – reveals a growing view among younger people that alcohol is “poison.”

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S&P rating could spell trouble for beverages

The Godfather cocktail is an underrated gem (and you only need 2 ingredients)

Video – Oregon Man Jokes ‘I Need a Beer’ After He Narrowly Dodges Runaway Saw Blade from Construction Site


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Building CC fees into your pricing is BAD business practice

That price ALWAYS looks higher than a store that can highlight their Cash price.With Dual Pricing, customers get an additional way to save EVERY day, not just on “Sr. Tuesday”, “Wine Wednesday”, etc… “Save w/ Cash 7 days a week”.

Competitors not doing Dual Pricing do not have pricing flexibility.

What would happen if you could…

  • Lower the regular price of Tito’s by $1 a bottle, for example
  • Avoid the next prices increases that the store down the street can’t

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