Cloud Retailer is for

Retail Liquor
Stores in Oregon

Why should this interest you? Unlike KMDS POS, All of this is built into our system specially designed for Oregon liquor store retailers like you:

liquor store

Check out our features for Oregon liquor stores

point of sale system

Automation of Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC)  reporting and audit request (ensures OLCC compliance and saves you time by making audit requests a “non event”)

Buy online, pickup in store liquor store e-commerce is turn key and designed specifically for liquor store retailers (so you offer buy online pickup in store and/or liquor store specific e-commerce to increase revenue and customer satisfaction)

Delivery integration with Drizly (yet another way to offer your customers buying options and increase customer engagement)

Reward your best customers and increase revenue by using our built in customer loyalty feature

Age verification that holds your cashier accountable (ensures age verification compliance)


Purchasing integration to suppliers like Glazer and Republic (reduce time spent placing purchase orders)


Fantastic wholesale functionality for our liquor store customers that sell to bars and restaurants (automates wholesale pricing as well as invoicing wholesale customers)

Integrated (no stand alone payment terminals requiring double entry) fast credit card processing that is significantly less expensive than most processors – including new touchless payment options (our system is also merchant services/processor agnostic with no required contracts – we want to earn your business – not force you in to a contract)

Email alerts let you know when there’s a problem in your store (know what is going on at your store in real time without actually being at the store!)


Already in use by fellow liquor retailers in Oregon (so you can be assured that we know the peculiarities of working with liquor store retailers all across Oregon)

Robust discounting and sales promotions that are automated so the cashier doesn’t have to manually calculate discounts or think about which products qualify for a discount. 

OLCC Required Floor Pricing for spirit sales (also known as minimum sell price or low bound price)

Betty, the owner of a six store chain says:

"I love the folks over at RITE, they take care of me"

We’ve been in business for over 15 years, have customers nationwide, and have had the privilege of working with independently owned liquor retailers (we don’t work with big box stores) all across the great state of Oregon. Contact our Oregon Rep, Kevin, at or 208-994-9404