Scam involving Uber Eats popping up?

Are merchants receiving incoming calls from someone claiming to be with Uber Eats?

A Liquor store manager we know received a call from a guy claiming to be from the Uber Eats commission Department. He stated that he was immediately dropping their commission, tried to say they were paying a certain percentage now, and that he was dropping what they pay.

The caller could not even tell her what the name of their company was or their address. The customer told him that they thought this is a scam and hung up on him. The caller had an accent and was hard to understand she added.

  • An Account Executive from Uber Eats had these thoughts for her (and you).
    There seem to be A LOT of fraud calls going on for every platform right now. Please never share your information, pin codes, passwords, or Uber account information with anyone. It is good practice to be cautious.
  • As a heads-up, there is another fraud call going around about sending merchants out a new tablet. Uber Eats would never need to do that unless the merchant actually requests for us to send out a new tablet.
  • As mentioned, please be cautious of scam calls and never share information.

Stay alert small business owners. If this has happened to you we’d be interested in hearing from you, and if your experience was similar or involved a different angle.

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